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World Rally Forex Demo Competition New and existing clients. Total of 4,000$ every month is given to the winners!

Link: World Rally Forex Demo Competition

Dates: All year 2016. Contests run monthly. Contests start when the first 30 registers of each month are made.

Duration: 1 month

Available to: New and existing clients.

To participate: Register a demo account.

How to get: Get the highest sum of Percentage Profit Factor, Maximal Balance Relative Drawdown Factor and Profit Factor. Details are shown on HiWayFX website.

Withdrawal: Profits can be withdrawn at any time. The prize can be withdrawn after volume conditions are met.


1st place - $1,500  2nd place - $1,000  3rd place - $800  4th place - $200  5th place - $150  6th place - $100  7th place - $90  8th place - $70  9th place - $50

10th place - $40

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