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Get a Bonus of up to $2380 on your deposit in NordFX and try a New Level of trading! Make the most of this excellent trading opportunity – on opening a real account in NordFX now, you receive a Bonus of up to 25% of your deposit amount with the possibility of withdrawal.

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Dates: 31 December 2018

Available to: all clients

Withdrawal: Trade the required number of lots to withdraw the bonus.

How does it work?

  • Open and verify a real account.
  • Make a deposit of at least $100.
  • Get a bonus up to $2,380.

If you deposit $100, you will get a $25 bonus. Or if you deposit $10,000, your bonus will be $2,380.

Terms and Conditions:

1. To receive a bonus, you need to make a deposit according to the table. For one deposit you can receive only one bonus.

 2. If a client has multiple accounts, he can apply for a bonus only for one of his accounts within one month.

 3. Only one bonus can be given for one IP address. In case a bonus is received in two (or more) accounts with the same IP, it will be deducted from all the accounts except the first account for which the bonus was claimed.

 4. An internal transfer between accounts is not considered to be a deposit, which means you cannot claim a bonus for a deposit made via an internal transfer.

 5. To keep the bonus, all initial funds should remain in the account until the necessary number of lots is closed. You can withdraw profits but not the amount for which the bonus was received. If this rule is violated, the bonus will be deducted. After all lots are closed you will be allowed to withdraw the funds or to transfer them to another account without losing the bonus.

 6. Lots in transactions that have no profit/loss are not counted.

 7. The company can activate risk control for accounts that receive a simultaneous bonus of more than $500. It means that:

    the credit leverage may be changed to 1:200

    the Stop Out level may be changed to 100%

 These restrictions can be removed after long-term stable trading or after the necessary number of lots has been completed.

 8. This bonus program has been developed only for “Micro” and “Standard” MT4 accounts. “Welcome!”, “Standard-MT5,” “ZuluTrade,” “MT-ECN,” “Premium” and “Integral” accounts are not participating in this promotion.

 9. In all other controversial cases not covered by the rules above, the company has the right to make its own decision about crediting or deducting a bonus.


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