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Best Forex Trading tools for trading in 2020

Updated: 28 January 2020 | 08:28 PM

Best Forex Trading tools

Every task needs some necessary tools to do it professionally. Forex trading is not easy for traders without some indispensable tools. When a trader starts forex trading he/she needs some necessary tools for market analyzing markets and setting up the best place to their trading parameters.  Top of the line Forex trading tools also can impact the trader's strategy and profits.

Nowadays most of the online brokers are providing sophisticated trading platforms to their traders. Today's most uses and trusted automatic trading platform is MT4 and MT5, and these platforms designed with some amazing trading tools.

Almost 90% of brokers are accepting Meta Trader platforms for trading with them. Some of the brokers are providing their own proprietary platforms. Advanced traders can use the most advanced and powerful features, tools that are available on the platforms. Here we are talking about some advanced trading tools and platforms.

MT4 and MT5 Platform

We already talked that, MT4 (Meta Trader 4) and Mt5 is the most useable trading platform in the world. The MT4 and MT5 platform has a different trading opportunity. This software was developed by the MetaQuotes corp, they bring the most advanced features in this software for traders, including EA (expert advisor). A trader can build up an EA for trading, it's will help a trader to analyze markets and generate the best trading signals. Most of the common brokers are allow them in trading including, EasyMarkets, Dukascopy, IG, Saxo bank, Etoro and others.


The platform MT4 and MT5 are offering real-time trading functionality and captivating charting and a set of technical analysis tools. Traders can customize the interface and it has a wide user community that has thoughtful many useful add-ons for the platform.

Trading Journal

There is a common thing in trading, that records can help you to make better profits. A trader can justify his/her trades while he/she will look at his/her past trade records, it's will help him/her to improve trading. Trading journals helping traders to keep a clean record of their trades. There some common trading journals available in the world.  Here is a shortlist of some trading journals, you may check them from the internet.


1.            Tradervue

2.   Free Trading Journal

3.            Edgewonk 2.0

4.            Trademetria

5.            Build your own

Calculator Tools

There are some types of calculator tools available in trading. Here we are talking about pip calculator, Volatility, Margin, and Profit calculators.

Pip calculators

Working with different currency pairs always hard to calculate, it can confuse you if one is not familiar with pip valuation. The pip is the lower trading unit for a currency pair. And it is typically worth an alternate sum contingent upon the base money and the counter cash included. A currency pip number calculator is a forex trading instrument that permits the broker to decide the sum a pip is a value dependent on the size of their situation in their nearby money. A common pip number calculator may likewise show the pip an incentive for a predetermined currency pair based a Standard lot of 200,000 units, a Smaller than usual part of 10,000 units, and a Miniaturized scale lot of 2,000 units.

Volatility Calculator

A volatility number calculator utilizes a currency pair's chronicled conversion standard data to decide the authentic instability for every currency pair continuously for a few time spans from multi-week to one year. A few numbers of calculators can process inferred instability from alternative costs. Dealers can diminish their position estimates in the midst of higher instability to deal with their hazard as a feature of a current executive's technique.

Margin Calculator

Edge is the rate or bookkeeping money sum required to open and keep up a situation in a trading account. An edge number cruncher, for the most part, processes the necessary edge, the edge rate and the money sum required to hold a forex position dependent on the entered agreement size, the cash pair exchanged and your bookkeeping money.

Profit Calculator

A currency converter registers the estimation of one currency comparative with another currency at the predominant swapping scale. This instrument, for the most part, takes an entered measure of one currency and changes over it into another money at the overarching conversion scale. This device can be amazingly helpful for traders who need to ascertain equal currency esteems for position measuring and currency the executive's purposes.

Time Zone Converter

Time zones can have a major effect on forex traders. The main forex trading focuses are London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney, and a portion of those focuses' exchanging sessions cover during specific periods during the day. Such covers will, in general, be the most fluid markets for certain money sets.


Moreover, on the grounds that the currency showcase is open 24 hours every day from Sunday evening to Friday evening EST, realizing what exchanging sessions are open and what times are ideal to exchange can influence economic situations like liquidity, instability and exchanging volume. Since those are significant components to think about when exchanging forex, the time zones you decided to exchange can possibly influence your gainfulness.

Economic Calendar

Forex traders who plan their trading week commonly look at a financial news schedule. A monetary schedule records all major financial discharges, national bank loan costs and arrangement explanations, national races and discourses by national bank authorities that could influence the valuation of the entirety of the significant monetary standards.


A monetary schedule, by and large, incorporates the normal number and the past number. Any deviation from the normal number, either sequential, could fundamentally expand the instability of the currency in question, as can amendments to the past outcome.

Financial News Wire

Financial numbers and loan costs assume a significant job in the valuation of monetary standards. This clarifies why numerous fruitful merchants distinctly watch news occasions while they exchange. A few experts consider financing costs to be the most persuasive component that influences the valuation of a nation's currency and numerous monetary markers to have suggestions for the benchmark loan fees set by national banks.

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Best Forex Trading tools for trading in 2020

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