Regulated By: Registered in the Dominica under the name of EagleFX Ltd
Headquarters: EagleFX Ltd, 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley 00152, The Commonwealth of Dominica
Promotion: Free Demo Account
Foundation Year: 2019
Min. Deposit: 10
Max Leverage: 1:500
Your money is at risk
Broker: EagleFX
Website: Visit Website
Country: Dominica
Base Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, BIT
Website Languages: English
Minimum Spreads: 0.1 pips
Swap Free Acc: Yes
Acc Funding Methods: Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoin
Vip Accounts: No
Type Of Broker: ECN/STP
Mini Accounts: No
Acc Withdrawal Methods: Prepaid Mastercard, Bitcoin, Coinbase, PayPal
Segregated Acc: No
Islamic Accounts: No
Managed Accounts: No
Free Demo Acc: Yes
Trading Platform: MT4 for Windows, MT4 for Mac, MT4 for iOS, MT4 for Android, Web Trader
Web Trading: Yes
Hedging Scalping: Yes
News Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
No Deposit Bonus: No
Welcome Bonus: No
Telephone: Call back request
Trading in Public: Yes
Tradable Options: Forex Currencies, Cryptocurrency, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Bonds, Futures
Email/Skype: (No Skype)
Fax: (Fax: no), (Email/Skype: (No Skype))

How to Trade Forex with High Leverage on EagleFX

One of the primary advantages of trading forex with EagleFX is the availability to take advantage of high leverage. When used correctly, leverage can assist you in generating much bigger returns than you would when trading strictly with your own funds. Of course, leverage needs to be fully understood and used in the proper manner to ensure the best results. Here, we'll explain what leverage is and how to use it to your maximum advantage.

What Is Leverage?

In the traditional markets, whenever someone purchases a stock, the transaction is simple and straightforward. The purchaser pays a fixed amount to their broker in exchange for a fixed number of shares. Each share will have value, as determined by the stock market, and this value can increase or decrease over time. What's important to note here is that the purchaser pays for all of the shares upfront and can purchase nothing above and beyond what he or she can afford at that time.

When trading Forex, assets are typically traded on margin, which means that trading can commence without all of the involved funds being paid in advance. Instead, EagleFX will ask you to commit a percentage of the total amount to enter into the transaction. This amount will be held on margin and means that you're trading with leverage. To put it simply, when you trade with high leverage, you are able to enter into much larger position sizes than you otherwise would have been able to secure.

EagleFX Forex

Leverage In Action

Let’s assume that you want to trade on the EUR/USD pair. In this instance, what you will be doing essentially is selling off USD, and then using the funds received to purchase euros. When entering into this type of contract, the current exchange rate will decide exactly how many euros you will be able to purchase for the dollars that you sold. The variable in each transaction is going to be the exchange rate. As it changes, the value of your contract changes and a profit or loss will be determined by the rate that the time you sell, or exit the position.

What About the Margin?

In contrast to the stock shares purchase example above, FX trades involving leverage could present a risk to the broker if not for margin. When trading with leverage, you will not be required to put all of  your own money up front. This means that you could just exit if the exchange rate moved against you and you were going to experience a loss. To protect against this, EagleFX and other forex brokers require something known as margin. This is an amount of funds which are held in your account to cover the cost of your trading positions. Used margin is secured by the broker until such time that the trading position is officially closed.

Is Leverage a Good or Bad?

The ability to generate a large profit while putting up only a small amount would certainly be considered a good one to have. With only the smallest movement in the exchange rate in your favor, you could double or triple your initial investment. With a leverage ratio of 1:100, you could have a 100% return. Now, imagine if you were using the maximum leverage allowed by EagleFX, which is 1:500? It's pretty easy to see the profit possibilities.

What happens if the market moves against you? Leverage not only has the power to increase your gains, but can increase your losses as well. Because of this, you will want to take the time to learn how to trade well prior to using larger amounts of leverage. Even when you have reached the experienced trader level, you'll still want to use leverage wisely. There is no denying that leverage can be your best friend, but that friendship can and will turn sour if you abuse it.

Benefits of High Leverage Trading

By now, you realize that leverage has the power to help you reach your profit goals much faster. You should also realize that while the use of leverage does increase financial risk, it can be a powerful and wonderful tool when used appropriately. The higher the leverage ratio on a profiting trade, the larger the earnings. As a general rule, think of leveraged gains in this simple manner:

10 x higher at 1:100

20 x higher at 1:200

30 x higher at 1:300

40 x higher at 1:400

50 x higher at 1:500

Obviously, this is extremely exciting for individuals who don’t mind the extra risk. Then again, risk is one of the many things that attract people to FX trading to begin with.

Selecting Your Leverage Ratio

Always remember that the higher the leverage, the higher the confidence needs to be in your trading strategy. When leverage applies, losing trades can certainly take a bite out of your capital. However, you can limit the risks associated with high leverage by using strict stop losses. The failure to use stop losses is a common mistake that is typically made by new traders and the majority of these individuals find their account funds are depleted faster than they imagined.

Do note that a stop loss only acts as an instruction to your broker. Whether you're trading with EagleFX only, or using several brokers, there’s never any guarantee that your position will close exactly at the desired level. What it will do though is place a limit on your losses. Setting a stop loss is one of the "golden rules" of forex trading. It is simply that important. The EagleFX trading platform is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to set stop losses with each and every trade.

The bottom line is that trading with high leverage can bring large financial gains. Just be certain that you are selecting the leverage level that corresponds with your confidence in each trade. EagleFX extends high leverage to their clients, while keeping minimal margin rules in place. This is the best possible scenario for those who understand how to use high leveraged trading to their maximum advantage.

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abu gafor

17 March, 2020 | 09:13:PM
Trade Forex with High Leverage on EagleFX forex broker
Avatar Default

Lee Baxter

18 March, 2020 | 03:57:PM
I inititally joined EagleFX so that i could trade crypto with good leverage options.
They provide over 30 crypto pairs and with 1:100 leverage that was perfect for me to trade crypto pairs 24/7, although i mainly trade bitcoin and litecoin.
Upon using their platform i have been surprised how well it has performed and the spreads are certainly competitive, so i also now trade Forex on the same platform. Quite handy to be able to trade both off the same platform and keep an eye on all my positions in both markets. i would be happy to recommend anyone to try them out, ive been with them since 2019 and quite happy to stay
Avatar Default

TJ Gardner

20 March, 2020 | 12:32:PM
Been a great broke for me, started with them a year or so ago, never had any problems, withdrawals have always been quick which is important for me.
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keiran glastonbury

20 March, 2020 | 01:31:PM
Great broker for higher leverage and the customer support has always been quoted fast
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James Burt

24 March, 2020 | 04:08:PM
I’ve used this broker for a few months now and it’s been pretty good so far. They offer a nice amount of leverage, the 24/7 crypto trading is great for weekends and I found the webtrader they offer quite easy and quick to use.
Avatar Default

John Martin

24 March, 2020 | 04:32:PM
Signed up to these guys a couple of months ago .
Liked the fact they have Crypto on their platform.
They're ok I cant say I was blown away by them . I haven't had a problem with them I just feel nothing stands out about them .
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30 March, 2020 | 10:32:PM
Great broker for both crypto and forex. Quick and simple to set up live and demo accounts.
Avatar Default

Dave T

31 March, 2020 | 01:27:AM
Been with EagleFX for close to a year now and I really can't fault them. 24/7 trading gives the flexibility to trade whenever I choose and the vast selection of crypto pairs means there are plenty of trading opportunities for me at weekends. Customer Support is the best I've experienced, they are always very prompt and helpful. The option of 1:500 leverage suits my trading style and I find the spreads competitive. Overall I'm very content with this broker.
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4 April, 2020 | 03:36:PM
Great all round broker. Withdrawals within a few hours.
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8 April, 2020 | 02:40:PM
No issues with this broker, signed up to take advantage of the Crypto trading over weekends, but now use for Forex too and very happy with the service received.

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holly davis

27 April, 2020 | 02:49:PM
Do not get involved with this outfit. They have no customer service. You put money in and you can not get it out. They keep requiring documentation and then deny it. I have been trying to get my funds for over 6 weeks. I think my next step is to get in touch with Interpol and file a fraud Claim against this outfit. Mark my word and be careful with them .Do not waste your time and money on this scam company. All they do is keep calling until you make the deposit. Once they realize you won't deposit anything else, they will never reply to your emails. And forget about calling them, they'll hang up on you. Rude and unprofessional.
Their so-called "advisors" are pieces of garbage. Sebastian and Federico Demczylo are liars. They'll promise you anything to get your deposit. Then forget about trying to contact them, not to mention to make a withdrawal, you will never get your money.
In these kind of cases with the fake broker over the internet my advice if you have already invested with those liar,call them back and get a refund from a fraud broker wouldn't be possible for you..In this i will advice to get intouch with FASTFUNDS RECOVERY TEAM and report this company. they are fraud and they also fight against various investment scam they have been helpful to the society by recovering stolen funds from all this fake broker.VISIT THEIR WEBSITE FOR MORE ENQUIRIES AT FASTFUNDSRECOVERY.WORDPRESS.COM OR ADMIN EMAIL: FASTFUNDSRECOVERY@PROTONMAIL

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Colin lewis

5 May, 2020 | 04:07:PM
EagleFX has provided a comprehensive forex and crypto offering to clients including myself which covers all aspects of currency trading. Through true ECN accounts I have felt the spreads have always been competitive and true.

Expert Advisors (EA) are welcome on the platform and can be set up in minutes with help from the 24/7 live support.
Over the last 10 months I've felt at home and withdrawals in BTC allow me to access my account anonymously which is great in this privacy age of 2020. Great broker
Avatar Default

Al Bainers

9 August, 2020 | 09:06:PM
Found EagleFX a really reliable broker had no issues with deposits or withdrawals anyways timely. I mainly trade crypto’s scalping on the webtrader it’s pretty fast
Avatar Default

Paula Pughe

1 September, 2020 | 06:27:PM
Good broker for me, like the leverage you can get and all the crypto pairs are 24/7 which is a must if your trading them. Fast withdrawals to when using BTC.
Avatar Default

George Quayle

11 September, 2020 | 01:33:PM
Solid broker all round, main reason for using them at his point is the withdrawal speeds, dead handy. Usually pretty good for crypto aswell
Avatar Default

Momchil Slavov

12 September, 2020 | 04:42:PM
I’m using this guys for more than year and a half already all everything is more than fine. One of the fastest withdraws i’ve ever had. Customer support is very professional and responsive. Very good choice for crypto trading.
Avatar Default

Gareth Evans

13 October, 2020 | 03:48:PM
Moved to this broker as started trading more crypto. Started using as main broker for fiat too as spreads were competitive.

BTC withdrawals are very fast (under 2 hours for me) compared to the usual 5 day bank transfer.

All in all a steady broker with great choice and good rates. Would recommend.
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Ana Gonzalez

6 February, 2021 | 10:02:AM
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Ana Gonzalez

8 February, 2021 | 03:46:AM
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Martin Macdonald

3 March, 2021 | 07:46:PM
Have been using these guys pretty much since they came out .
They have 24/7 Crypto trading which is a big draw for me as my weekends are my free time so suits my hectic work schedule.
Good leverage too oh and the withdrawal are fast same day in fact .
I run 2 EAs on their platform and have no issues to report .
Avatar Default

Dean Perry

17 March, 2021 | 01:58:PM
Have used EagleFX for a while and as they offer a large selection of tradable's and have been around for a while. They could change things up better to compete with the other broker offers out there. Will still stick with them but i also use others.