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About Live Contests

If you have enough experience on Forex trading then it will be a good chance for you to participate in live contests. Also an opportunity to test your skills and your trading system while gain cash money! But not for novice traders. Only an expert trader can grab it when a Forex broker offers attractive forex live contest with flexible terms. Luckily there is a chance to be ranked #1 after skilled by paricipating many contests!

Here, you will get a various list of forex live contests 2019

What is Forex live contest

Forex live contest for real traders, after practicing demo trading and participate forex demo contest, if you are an experienced trader then this contest for you because it’s real trade! Investment at risk! Forex demo contest for demonstrates your experienced and/or skill and great chance to win amazing prizes! Also, it’s a good chance to improve your skill.  The contest would be daily, weekly and monthly. You can gain prestigious titles by win a live contest!

When can I join a live contest?

Forex live contest only for professional traders.  If you have clearly experienced in trading and if you can think or decide that you are experienced trader and you wish to check your skill’s compared with another many traders then you should join or participate a live contest. And also you need high confidence to join or winning the contest! That’s it.

Is benefited forex live contest for me?

Of course, a live contest is really benefited for all traders. Here we have published some Forex contest advantage which may encourage you to seem for such together with your current broker:

  • It's a big chance to win huge real gifts, one way to make investment double from ordinary daily trades.
  • You can compare your trading experience with other traders. Competitive with others is that the best assessment of the present pack of skills you employ in your daily mercantilism.
  • You can have fun and win an award at the same during your standard experience, so actually, you are not losing anything, but winning a chance to have a bigger final outcome.
  • You can diversify your activity, as a result of let’s face it – generally, regardless of however sensible it's to create winning trades, it will become extremely stressful!
  • By collaborating in live Forex contests you may be creating things a bit additional fascinating and exciting. Even with the most effective can within the world, Forex trading will typically become boring, and it'll be advantageous to own the chance to spice things up.
  • By change of integrity in with the most recent live contest you may be able to choose however you’ve developed and wherever you stand with relevancy trading skills.
  • You get the chance to indicate your broker that you’ve become one amongst the massive players, and area unit probably deserves some special attention.
  • Finally participating in a forex live Forex contest is an excellent probability to gauge yourself as a trader.
  • The contest winning is an excellent chance to grow up your personal confidence, and perhaps it'll stimulate you to proceed together with your growth and to become even larger within the monetary trading field.

We hope now you understood the benefit of joining a forex live contest. It’s obligatory for you to undertake a live Forex contest to show you’re experienced!

Major considerations to participating a contest

  • By participating a contest make sure that always require a minimum deposit, therefore make certain you'll afford to lose if you choose to require take part.
  • Read the all are terms and conditions very carefully and make sure, you can fill up all are these.
  • You may be disqualified if you are attempting to form a withdrawal, also you will be disqualified if the broker suspects you have got provided false or dishonest data.
  • All in all, be careful that the broker can perpetually reserve the correct to switch, amendment or terminate the competition if they see work, while not inquiring for the participants’ consent.

The Bad side of forex contest

Keep in mind that once collaborating during a sure competition and making an attempt to win it by cheating, you, 1st of all, treat yourself with disrespect and second you treat different contestant’s identical manner. Why is that? As a result of once cheating, you're foremost telling yourself that you just are unable to win victimization truthful rules and you wish some handicap to really beat the others up. However, we have a tendency to square measure still planning to disclose some cheating practices, principally for the informational reasons.

Live forex contest is that the watershed that provides forex trading slightly of fun and excitement. Thus if you're thinking that that trading gets a touch bland and colorless, it is time for you to do forex live contests. You may be glad you probably did.

Live Trading Competition win iPhone 11 Pro Max on JustForex
Forex Live Trading Competition win  iPhone 11 Pro Max. Deposit at least $199 your Standard, ECN Zero or Pro
Available till 31 December 2020
Become a Traders of the Month and Achieve $1000 on Tickmill
Tickmill is proud to have a long and expanding list of successful traders who benefit from our quality service.
Available till 31 December 2020
First Anniversary Grand Gala Competition 2019 from ATFX
This year ATFX is proud to celebrate 1st years of presence in Thailand with an exclusive gala event that
Available till 31 December 2020
Connect with Golden Trading contest and Win $5000 on JustForex
JustForex announced to all new and existing clients Special Live contest of Golden Trading contest 2019. JustForex is benevolent
Available till 31 December 2020
Participate in Forex Trading Contest and win $20000 on Finrally
FINRALLY is delighted to reward its new and existing clients by offering them Weekly Trading Contest. Any traders who
Available till 31 December 2019
Participate Top Trader Challenge and Get BMWX1 sDrive 20i Sport on FXPrimus
FXPrimus is happy to announce all new and existing clients can take part a great opportunity in the Top
Available till 31 December 2020
Titans of Forex Live Trading Competition from JustForex
Titans of Forex Live Trading Competition. Just till 29 July register for the Titans of Forex Live Trading Competition
Available till 31 December 2019
Win $30,000 to Participate in Live Trading Contest on FXTM
FXTM is delighted to reward its new and existing clients by offering them Live Trading Contest ‘King of the
Available till 31 December 2019
Great Live Forex Trading Competition from JustForex
Great Live Trading Competition Receive real money prizes and available for withdrawal. Every trader can use only one of
Available till 31 December 2019
Astronomy Day Live Trading Contest on JustForex
Astronomy Day Forex Live Trading Contest. Just till May 15 register for the Astronomy Day Forex Live Trading Contest
Available till 31 December 2019
Forex Live Contest 1st prize BMW X5 M on OctaFX
Supercharged Forex Live Contest 2 1st prizes BMW X5 M (575 horsepower, 5 seats). Become an OctaFX Skilled Trader
Available till 31 December 2019
Happy Kartini Day Special Forex Trading Contest on JustForex
Happy Kartini Day Special Forex Trading Contest for Indonesian Women Only. Just till April 30, register for the Kartini
Available till 31 December 2019
The Big Wave Live Trading Contest from ForexTime
The Big Wave Forex Live Trading Competition for ForexTime (FXTM) live traders in South Africa. The ForexTime (FXTM) Big
Available till 31 December 2019
Risk Free Forex Live Trading Contest from AMEGA
Risk Free Forex Live Trading Contest. AMEGA Forex Broker Launches Break the Bank 2, a win win trading contest
Available till 31 December 2019
Win BMW X5 M in Real Contest Supercharged 2 on OctaFX
OctaFX offer to all new clients Exclusive Monthly Real Contest. Battle through the rounds throughout the Contest in your
Available till 31 December 2019
Eco IB Competition Receive over $10000 from Tickmill
Welcome to Tickmill The Eco IB Competition. Tickmill is a pioneer award winning online forex trading broker.  Join
Available till 31 December 2019
Participate in New Year Live Trading Contest on JustForex
JustForex is delighted to reward its new and existing clients by offering them New Year Live Trading Contest. Start
Available till 31 December 2019
Receive Rio Carnival Complete Experience Tour or $10000 Cash on IronFX
We are very glad to know that, IronFX announced Rio Carnival Complete Experience Tour or $10000 Cash Prize for
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Win Free Trip to Europe Adventure or $10000 Cash Prize on FXGiants
FXGiants Live Trading Competition brings you an exceptional Europe adventure for two. Explore Europe in a way you never
Available till 31 December 2019
Receive Trip in Central America or $5000 Cash Prize on IronFX
We are very glad to know that, IronFX announced Trip to Exotic Belize, in Central America or $5000 Cash
Available till 31 December 2019
November Forex Live Trading Competition from FXGiants
We are delighted to announce the launch of the FXGiants November Live Trading Competition, offering the most life enriching
Available till 31 December 2018
FXTM Exclusive Promotion offer Live Trading Contest
We are happy to inform that FXTM announce Live Trading Contest. Take an epic journey into the forex markets
Available till 31 December 2019
Fulfill Your Dreams Promotions 20 Year Of Alpari
This year Alpari is proud to celebrate 20th anniversary Program. Alpari announced Mega offer Fulfil Your Drams 20 Years
Available till 31 December 2019
Participate in Monthly Real Contest and Win BMW X5 M on OctaFX
OctaFX announced to all new Traders Monthly Real Contest. Every Month we choose the best of the best among
Available till 31 December 2019
Receive IronFX Glacier Adventure or $5000 Cash Prize
We are delighted to announce the launch of the IronFX October Live Trading Competition, offering the most breathtaking prize
Available till 31 December 2019
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Forex Live Trading Contest

What is a forex live contest?

Forex Live contest hosted by forex brokers in which real traders can participate. This is not for each person because it involves real money. Before you fix any forex live trading contest, you should most likely join the forex demo contest first to get a taste of how a contest works. When you have enough skill in demo contests, then you can try your hand at forex live contests. It is a good way to win cool and incredible prizes. Most of the contests are held either daily, weekly or monthly.

How it’s work?

There are so many brokers are offering Forex live trading contest, every person is contribution with different criteria. Every broker is setting their own trading rules and prizes. So we can’t say properly how it’s working. But you will see in approximately all the contests that you have to earn more points/profit/ gain to win the contest.

How to prefer the best Forex live trading contest?

First of all look at your trading skillfulness if you think you have the capability to battle with other traders. Then find which brokers are offering the most important prizes. If you choose your contest then look out the contest terms of situation. Then read carefully the terms of the competition, and see if you can battle to trade with the trader in this trading skill?

How to win the contest?

Try all the time to invest a little more money.

  1. Always aim to keep an eye on the news that influences the forex market.
  2. If you see the short-term success of any other trader, do not get in touch with it.
  3. You have to be on the top to win the contest.

Common Applying method:

  1. Choose an account type
  2. Register with a broker who is contribution forex live trading contest.
  3. Verify your identity by your national ID/ Passport
  4. Deposit a minimum necessary amount to your account.
  5. Join the live trading competition

You have to know Before You join In The Forex Live Trading Contests :

Before you sign up for the contest, make sure you read all the terms and situation very cautiously. Make sure you can complete these terms and conditions. Before participating in the contest, be aware if there are any deposits that you need to make. Confirm that you have enough funds. You can be ineligible if your broker suspects that the information or papers you provided are false.

What Can Help You Win The Contest?

Since forex live competition trades with real money, you should be alert of the risks involved. The major goal here is not about charming the contest but to trade competently. There are 3 aspects you can use in any live account trading. We call it the 3M: Money Management, Method, Mental.

Money Management :

In live trading, the protection of your capital is crucial. It is a bad idea to gamble away your hard-earned money. We habitually use the risk-reward ratio of 1:2. It means in every trade, we have the likelihood to lose 200 Dollar or to win 500 Dollar. With this simple money management idea, we can increase our winning odds. It is said that with the right money management, we can excel in forex trading. By just identifying the habit of how we risk our investment, we are ready for the forex live competition.

Mental And Emotion :

The most important difference between the beginner traders and professional traders is the capability to handle their sentiment. When it comes to live trading, there are two critical psychological factors: greed and fear. A trader can get too ravenous and refuse to close a winning trade. On the hand, the trader is too afraid to wait for a trade to be productive and close it too early. These emotional decisions often result in trading disaster.

Method And Trading System :

A good technique is one that is easy and clean. Once you have mastered it, attach to it. Make sure the policy that you have in mind for trading should not be a very rough one. You need to be able to give details it to a kid who is approximately the age of 12 or so. The trading of price action fits completely well here. This plan is considered the most stress-free trading policy. This plan can easily be explained. If you give details the simple dynamics of price in the market, you will not have to go into detail with the complex terms like trading software, the difficult math or any kind of indicators.

Forex Live Competition Provides Social Benefits :

When you take part in forex live contests, you can socialize with people who are like you. In this way, you can prove yourself to be a great trader and also evaluate yourself. You can also show your broker that you are among the best players who deserve some kind of extraordinary treatment.

Picking The Right Forex Brokers :

If you are a trader, you should consider trying a live forex competition. Before you start the contest, it is essential for you to know if the prizes that have been promised will be given to you without any harass. You may put your winnings at a risk if you decide a company that has a uncertain reputation out there in the market. Also, all the time that you invest in this company will be exhausted. Thus, picking the right forex broker is a must.

Slow And Steady In A Contest :

Approximately half of the participants are already out within the first few starting hours of the contest. This happens because they want to lead from day one but they end up getting involved in trades which are really dangerous at times. So, make sure you start off your contest at a stable momentum with some intended risks in mind that could be involved in the trade.

Finally, There are many forex brokers that offer forex live competition. At OctaFX, Tickmill, FXTM they offer you with a daily updated list of such contests. Please prefer your competition wisely. As a contributing member of the society, you can also add your comments if you find any listed contests which are not honest. We wish you success in forex trading.