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Technical Reviews for Gold, Silver and Bitcoin (July 2017)

Jul 4 2017, 10:50 PM (+06) |


Dominant Bias: Bearish

Gold has turned bearish, owing to the protracted bearish movement that occurred in June. Price reached a high of 1295.87 on June 6, and then began to drop until the end of the month, losing 5400 pips in the process. This month has also opened on a strong bearish note as price goes further southwards, losing another 2000 pips this month. In this market, any rallies should be transient, offering opportunities to sell short at better prices, for price is expected to continue going southwards, losing at least, additional 3000 pips this month.



Dominant Bias: Bearish

Silver has gone downwards perpetually since June, and it has also gone downwards so far this month. Price reached the top of 17.7463 in June, and then began to trend downwards. Since June 6, the downwards movement has been in place until now, and price still shows a possibility continual weakness (a huge Bearish Confirmation Pattern has been formed in the market). This month, the downwards movement would enable price to reach the demand levels at 16.0000, 15.7500 and 15.5000 before the end of the month.



Dominant Bias: Bullish

The market is bullish in the long-term and bearish in the short-term. The recent bullish movement ended on June 11, and the bearish movement started on June 12. Bitcoin is rather a volatile market, and the volatility is expected to continue as the bear fights to push price further south. A movement below the accumulation territory at 2100.00 would result in a bearish outlook, while a movement above the distribution territory at 2900.00 would reinforce the recent bullish outlook on the market. Either the aforementioned accumulation territory or the distribution territory would be breached before the end of this month.    




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