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Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (December 4 - 8, 2017)

Dec 2 2017, 05:54 PM (+06) |

Here’s the market outlook for the week:



Dominant bias: Bullish

The bullish bias on EURUSD was challenged last week, as price was pulled towards the support line at 1.1800. However, bulls managed to push price upwards, thus saving the bullish bias. Price is currently close to the resistance line at 1.1900, and it is bent on breaching it to the upside as soon as possible. The resistance line at 1.2000 is the ultimate target; although bulls would meet a fierce opposition at the resistance line.



Dominant bias: Bearish

From Monday to Wednesday, this pair went upwards in the context of a downtrend, testing the price level at 0.9850, going above it briefly and then coming downwards to move below it. USDCHF cannot have a meaningful rally as long as EURUSD is able to showcase its stamina. The rally that took place in the first few days of last week has proven to be a good opportunity to sell short at a better price, as price plummeted on Friday, putting more emphasis on the ongoing bearish outlook. Further bearish movement is expected this week.



Dominant bias: Bullish

The persistent bullish effort on Cable - against all odds – has already paid off. The bullish upwards movement in the market has been slow, gradual, and steady. Since November 14, price has gained more than 400 pips, roughly testing the distribution territory at 1.3549. Although price has retraced lower since then, that is just a temporary thing, it would go upwards again, targeting the distribution territories at 1.3500, 1.3550 and 1.3600.  


Dominant bias: Bearish

After testing the supply level at 114.50, this trading instrument went downwards by 340 pips in November, creating a Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market. However, the rally that took placed almost throughout last week nearly posed a threat to the bearishness in the market. The reneging rally met a challenge on Friday and the market pulled back considerably. This week, price could possible reach the demand levels at 112.00 and 111.50. But that does not completely rule out the possibility of some rally.   



Dominant bias: Bullish    

This cross is quite choppy, showing some indecision in the long-term, and showing some bullishness in the short-term. The market went downwards on November 27 and 28, and then started going upwards on November 29 (after testing the demand zone at (132.00). The market reached the supply zone at 134.00 and then closed just below the supply zone at 133.50. It is thus possible for the supply zones at 133.50, 134.00 and 134.50 to be reached this week. As long as the demand zone at 131.50 is not breached to the downside, this short-term bullish bias cannot be rendered invalid.  



Dominant bias: Bullish

GBPJPY rallied massively last week, putting an end to the recent indecision that had held out for weeks. From the demand level at 147.00, price shot skywards by 540 pips, before the slight bearish retracement that was witnessed on December 1. This week, bulls would be able to push price further upwards. The targets are the supply zones at 151.50, 152.00 and 152.50 would easily be reached, enabling the ongoing bullish bias to become stronger.  


This forecast is concluded with the quote below:


“Learning the business of trading is basically no different from learning any other business. Winning means learning major guidelines and concepts that you repeat so often in your own behavior that they become good habits. These good habits then become automatic behavior patterns, which are formed as brain pathways by the rewards you get for trading well...” – Joe Ross



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