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Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (July 31 – August 4, 2017)

Jul 30 2017, 05:15 AM (+06) |

Here’s the market outlook for the week:



Dominant bias: Bullish

EURUSD, which has generally been bullish this year, went upwards by 100 pips last week, testing the resistance line at 1.1750. Some attempts were made to breach the resistance line to the upside, but to no avail. However, the resistance line remains under siege and it may be breached to the upside, as other resistance lines at 1.1800 and 1.1850 are targeted. The outlook on EUR pairs is bearish for this week, but bullish for August 2017; so we may see some considerable correction before the end of the week.



Dominant bias: Bullish

Perpetual weakness in CHF has helped USDCHF to generate a clean bullish signal (most CHF pairs also skyrocketed while the CHF/JPY plummeted). Price gained about 250 pips last week, and it is currently volatile. The market would continue going upwards as long as CHF shows weakness. This is a classical example of when both USDCHF and EURUSD go into a positive correlation; i.e., they both go upwards. The USDCHF normally goes into opposite direction to EURUSD, but this time around, the case is being influenced by exponential weakness in CHF. Price may go further upwards to test the resistance levels at 0.9750 and 0.9800. However, CHF would regain its losses, starting from this week and throughout August; something that would send CHF pairs (including USDCHF) southwards.



Dominant bias: Bullish

GBPUSD was able to retain its bullishness last week, trying to go upward just like EURUSD has done, since both of them normally go into positive correlation. The distribution territory at 1.3150 was tested repeatedly last week, and it might be breached to the upside this week, as other distribution territories at 1.3200 and 1.3250 are aimed. Although GBP pairs would experience mixed results in August, GBPUSD would not really become bearish as long as it stays above the accumulation territory at 1.2850.



Dominant bias: Bearish

In this market, this month has been bearish so far.  Last week was also characterized by bearishness in spite of bull’s desperate effort to push price upwards, which made price tested the supply level at 112.00, before price went downwards to close below the demand level at 111.00. The next target is the demand level at 110.50, which would easily be breached as other demand levels at 110.00 and 109.50 are targeted. The outlook on JPY pairs is bearish for this week and for August. Therefore, long trades are not recommended. 



Dominant bias: Neutral    

This currency trading instrument has been consolidating for about two weeks, resulting in short term neutrality. A movement above the supply zone at 130.50 would bring about a Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the market; while a movement below the demand zone at 128.00 would result in a bearish bias. This is what is expected to happen within the next several trading days. Nonetheless, bear would eventually become a winner in August.  


This forecast is concluded with the quote below:


“It doesn’t matter how often a method or system wins, what matters is the bottom line: does the method or system make money for you?! If it does, then stick with the bottom line.” - Andy Jordan





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