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Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (October 9 - 13, 2017)

Oct 9 2017, 05:21 AM (+06) |

Here’s the market outlook for the week:



Dominant bias: Bearish

The pair has been going southward since September 25, having lost about 200 pips. Price moved briefly below the support line at 1.1700, but closed above it on Friday. However, rallies in this kind of market situation often bring good opportunities to sell short at slightly higher prices, and that is exactly what is expected. Another opportunity to go short would emerge this week, as price turns southwards again.



Dominant bias: Bullish

USDCHF has managed to stay bullish for the past few weeks – although price has not gone upwards significantly either. The market was trudging upwards, sauntered above the resistance level at 0.9800, but eventually closed below it on October 6. This week, USDCHF would maintain its bullishness, but it would not be able to move northward significantly until CHF is weakened. The bullishness would also be sustained as long as EURUSD remains bearish.  



Dominant bias: Bearish

This market has been going downwards in the past two weeks, and price has come down by 470 pips since then (having come down by 320 pips last week). There is a huge Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market, and the accumulation territory at 1.3050 has already been tested. The bearish movement can continue this week as other accumulation territories at 1.3000 (a strong accumulation area), 1.2950, and 1.2900 are tested. However, there could be some meaningful rally before the end of the week.    



Dominant bias: Bullish

Albeit it consolidated throughout last week; the outlook on this market remains bullish. There could soon be an end to the short-term consolidation, as price goes above the supply level at 114.00, or below the demand level at 111.00. A movement above the supply level at 114.00 would help strengthen the existing bullish bias; while a movement below the demand level at 111.00 would threaten it.  



Dominant bias: Bullish

This cross is basically bullish in the long-term, but neutral in the short-term. Price did practically nothing last week, save moving sideways in the context of an uptrend. Nonetheless, a closer look at the market reveals that bears are about to gain upper hands, and thus, price could go towards the demand zones at 131.50 and 131.00 this week. The bias would not turn bearish until another demand zone at 130.00 is breached to the downside.    



Dominant bias: Bearish

GBPJPY moved south by about 360 pips last week, resulting in a Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market. The outlook on the market remains bearish for this week, as price goes towards other demand zones at 147.00, 146.50 and 146.00 (and possibly exceeding them). However, there could be a serious rally before the end of the week, which cannot render the current bearish bias invalid unless the market rallies by a minimum of 400 pips.  


This forecast is concluded with the quote below:


“As traders, we are the ultimate rain makers. We are the producers. We are the profit seekers. We live by our wits, making decisions that others fear. We claim our freedom and provide an unparalleled lifestyle for those we love.” – Louise Bedford



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