Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market
Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market

$1000 Extra Bonus your IB Account - FXPremax

Receive $1000 Extra Bonus on your IB Account. Starting from the tier 10 and onwards you will be receiving continuous $1000 IB commission from FXPremax on every tier your IB Account.

Link: $1000 Extra Bonus on your IB Account

All FXPremax IBs are eligible to participate in the IB Loyalty Program;

All IBs are participating from the launch of the promotion;

For the first 1000 usd commission gained from the IB’s clients trading FXPremax Ib is eligible to receive 100 USD Loyalty Bonus;

For the second round of gaining 100 USD commission IB is eligible for 200 USD Loyalty Bonus. For the third and all subsequent rounds of gaining 1000 USD commission IB will be eligible for 300 USD bonus and onwards. Example: for the round number 7 IB will get 700 USD;

Maximum Loyalty Bonus is 1000 USD, which can be received by the IB after round 10. Round 11 and onwards IB is eligible for the recurring 1000 USD Loyalty Bonus;

Loyalty Bonuses must be claimed by the IBs via  emailing to finance@fxpremax.com

Amount of the Loyalty Bonus will be added to IB account as credit and can be moved to the IB account after IB achieve its first amount of 1000 usd;