Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market
Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market

₦10,000 Trading Credit Bonus - Eagle Global

₦10,000 Trading Credit Bonus Promotion to all Nigerian New clients. Only one ₦10,000 Trading Credit Bonus is available per person.

Link₦10,000 Trading Credit Bonus

Available to: All New Clients

Trading Credit Bonus Promotion Overview

Create a live account, upload your verification documents

Like Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or Linkedin

₦10,000 trading credit applied to Live Cloudtrade account when ₦20,000 or more has been deposited

Promotion funds available for 1 month from crediting

Profits can be withdrawn but not the promotion credit amount of ₦10,000

In regards to losses EGM will deduct deposit funds first

If a bonus is applied to your account and you subsequently withdraw funds we will retract your bonus

EGM reserves the right to withdraw the credit if the client is suspected of colluding with another client to exploit the promotion. Only one credit bonus is available per person