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New Year 2020 Trading Contest from FBS Inc

FBS is happy to announce that all new and existing traders can participate in New Year 2020 Trading Contest. FBS enter the 2020s they want to thank everyone who walked this way shoulder to shoulder with FBS. FBS give away fabulous gifts that will bring you luck in the upcoming year one of 15 FBS gift boxes. Each box contains a branded notebook, chocolates, Pen, Bag, Wireless flowerpot speaker, and a lucky teddy bear.

Information link:   FBS 2020 Draw Bonus Contest

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How to Get this Gift :

Before you get started, check out the ‘Thank you’ cards from FBS, or press ‘Skip’ to go the contest.

The enroll in the contest, visit a promo website and scroll the page or just press the ‘Join the contest’ button.

Choose a template for a facebook post. It will be pinned to your Thank you message on Facebook with a link to the landing page.

Press ‘Share’ and log in with your Facebook account.

Write a post where you thank a person or persons who played an especially important role in your life in 2019.

Copy the link to your post and paste it to the corresponding box.

Upon completion, the participant is automatically added to the list of nominees.

The winner will be chosen by the FBS jury on January 10.

Fitting For : All New and existing customers.

Advancement Period: 9th December, 2019 - 07 January, 2020.

Advancement offer : FBS New Year 2020 Trading Contest.

Withdrawal Structure: Yes (After the finishing Terms).

Contest Rules of New Year Trading: Common terms and conditions apply.

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