Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market
Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market

FX Article Contest and win $7000 - Dukascopy

We are happy to announce that Dukascopy offers an Exceptional promotion: Participate in FX Article and win $7000. Dukascopy FX Article contest is a unique competition elaborated for participants simultaneously passionate about Forex and writing about it. You can write about any forex-related topic and submit up to 4 article per month. The articles should be written in any language available on the web-site and cannot be shorter than 400 words. Participate in contest activities and win. Top 20 articles according to quality and popularity will be reviewed by Dukascopy Experts. Don’t waste time and take advantage of our unique offer before it’s over.

Web Link :  FX Article Contest

Applicable For : All new and Existing Clients.

Offer : FX Article Contest.

Withdrawal : Withdraw cash prize amounts from their respective live accounts.

To participate: Any article or publication dedicated to the subject of FOREX is a candidate for participation.

How to get: Every participant is allowed to post up to 4 articles per 1 contest period. By default, contest period is 1 calendar month. The ranking of competitors is based on bulk popularity of their articles (number of views from Unique IP address), their rating ("likes" on Facebook, Dukascopy Thumbs up) and Dukascopy expert evaluation of the best author's article.