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300% Ramadan Bonus to each Deposit on FBS

Receive 300% Ramadan Margin Bonus for per each Deposit to FBS Inc All New and Existing clients. Deposit $100 or more to the Ramadan account and receive a 300% margin bonus. The total 300% Ramadan Margin Bonus amount cannot exceed $6000. 300% Ramadan Margin Bonus trading account is automatically swap-free

Opening Link:  $100 Forex No Deposit Bonus

Opening Link:  300% Ramadan Margin Bonus

Applicable For: All new and existing Clients.

Bonus Offer: Receive 300% Ramadan Margin Bonus for per each Deposit

Offer Ending Time: Limited Time.

Take 3 easy steps to get the 300% Margin Bonus and help those in need:

Open a Ramadan Margin Bonus account: Create an account starting from April 29.

Make a transfer and get a Margin Bonus: You transfer $100+ to the Ramadan account - we credit a Ramadan Margin Bonus.

We forward all spreads and IB commissions to charity:  The IB commission and spread from closed deals go directly to people in need

Hamzah Wed, Apr 14, 2021 05:12 GMT
Mohon di bantu agar sekiranya dapt bergabung..

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