Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market
Welcome Bonus $50 - the best offer on Forex market

Deposit Bonus offer up to 35% from FXCitizen

We are happy to announce that FXCitizen’s has declared 35% Deposit Bonus offer. FxCitizen’s Deposit Bonus has been a signature promotion item since 2010, and now it still continues to roll due to popular demands. With this Bonus, client is able to trade with larger sustainable margin and the bonus eventually can be redeemed after the requirement is met. Our Deposit Bonus is able to sustain your floating trades even after your own capital is totally loss BUT to the extend of maximum of 100 USD only to prevent large negative balance and back debt to the company and all the Bonus will be cancelled at that point.

Web Link : Deposit Bonus up To 35%

Applicable For : All new and Existing Clients.

Bonus offer : 35% Deposit Bonus.

Offer Endting Time : Unlimited Time.

Withdrawal : Yes (After completing Terms and conditions).

How to get deposit bonus:

Step 01 : Open a Cent Micro or Standard Mini account and choose Deposit Bonus up to 35%.

Step 02 : Make a deposit of minimum 100 USD.

Terms & Conditions :

Deposit : Minimum single deposit of 100 USD is required and Maximum total Deposit Bonus for a single account is 1,000 USD. Total Deposit Bonus must not exceed 35% of the new account’s Balance during top-up Example: the new Balance after top-up 100 USD is 200 USD and the existing Bonus is 50 USD, thus 35% of 200 USD Balance is 70, thus only Bonus of 20 USD will be offered but not 35 USD as it has reached ‘Maximum Bonus 35% Cap’ and split deposit to gain more bonus is not allowed.

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