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Free Win 200 EUR each new week from FortFC

On 11 April FortFC team launches a weekly Quiz with prize pool of 200 EUR (1000 tokens) for each game!

Quiz by FortFC consists of 5 questions and only one correct answer for each question.
Quiz takes place in the official FortFC Telegram chat
The prize pool is 200 EUR (1000 FortFC tokens).

1) Be a member of
2) Have a registered @username in Telegram
3) Wait until 14:00 GMT every Thursday
4) Answer each question before a new one appears! Otherwise your answer will not be counted

You will have only 1️ minute to answer each question!
Please note: you can not change your answer!

The one who answers 3 or more questions correctly becomes a winner.
In case few participants have answered correctly the same number of questions, the Quiz prize pool splits equally among the winners.

Don’t miss your chance to win the prize!

Abdul wahid Sun, Sep 20, 2020 08:15 GMT
How to get free euro from this site.dificult or not dificult
Dream lase Sun, Sep 20, 2020 08:15 GMT
Back my accordint recover..

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