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Earn 50% Extra On your Rebates - FXPRIMUS

Everyone loves to receive a gift, we know that you love to receive a extra rebates or bonus. Kick-start your forex trading and get up to 50% extra on your rebates Bonus when you switch to FXPrimus. FXPRIMUS is offering its valued partners an additional incentive to help boost their revenue.

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Who Can Join : All existing partners with 3 months of activity can participate in this offers

How to get : There is nothing to do; all eligible partners who have achieved the qualifying criteria will receive up to 50% increased revenues until the end of May 2019.

Qualifying Criteria For My Reward 50% Increase On Last 3 Months Average Net Deposit & Volume

Withdrawal System: Fully Withdrawable Bonus Amount

Terms and Conditions :

1. The partner is required to have activity in all of the 3 previous months, irrespective of the registration date

2. A minimum of $10,000 net deposits and 100 closed lots need to be achieved for each month under assessment

3. This promotion has a tiered approach. Each month, a partner’s target for the bonus is set based on the previous 3 months average output:

a. If both the target for net deposits and target for closed lots traded is exceeded by 50% of the previous 3 months average output, then the partner is eligible for a 50% increase of his rebates earned during that month

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