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60% FFCT Token Discount Receive from FortFC

60% FFCT Token Discount Minimum investment 5000 EUR. FortFC give opportunity to get free 60% Token Discount. According to conservative estimates more than 25,000,000.00 EUR in FFCT Token will be bought out during five years as a minimum

Information Link: 60% FFCT Token Discount

Available for: All new traders.

Bonus Offer: 60% FFCT Token Discount Minimum investment 5000 EUR

Offer Ending Time: Limited Time.

FORTFC is a liquidity provider for the Cryptocurrency Trading

FortFC provides deep liquidity of the highest quality for the operations with crypto-currencies at the best market prices available at the moment.

Having the years of experience under the brand of international FFS holding founded in 2010, we can confidently say that we know exactly how to provide our clients with a unique set of services and best customer support in order to perform the cryptocurrencies transactions!

Cryptocurrency Brokers, Cryptocurrency exchangers, investment funds, etc, get a convenient terminal with a transparent and functional API, a FIX/REST connection, a choice between Fill-Or-Kill (FOK) or Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC) order modes for big volume transactions

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