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AYREX Promotion 30% Binary Options Bonus

Ayrex customers can take the opportunity of a fascinating offer, the +30% Bonus to every deposit. The +30% Bonus by Ayrex has no limits on the maximum and minimum amount and is credited to every deposit irrespective whether the deal was profitable or not. This Bonus Fully withdrawable bonus. Don’t waste time and take advantage of our unique offer before it’s over. 

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Applicable For : All New & Existing clients

Bonus Offer : Deposit Bonus +30% Binary Options.

Withdrawal : Yes, (After the completing Terms and conditions).

Terms and conditions :

Deposit : Deposit Bonus can be credited for a deposit that equals 100 EUR/USD or a larger amount..

Bonus Amount : Bonus amounts can be 10%, 20% or 30% from the amount of funds deposited. If deposit is from $500 to $999 the client can claim 10% or 20% bonus. If deposit is over $1000 the client is able to chose whether to claim 10%, 20% or 30% bonus.  Collective amount of bonus funds cannot exceed 10 000 USD/EUR.

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