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Partake 1KG Gold Bar Giveaway Contest NBHM

Reward offer: NBHM is delighted to advise all new and existing trader and collaborates with the mind blowing Giveaway challenge 1kg gold bar. Members will fight for the prize by gaining coupons all through the challenge which will complete on May 31. Exchange Forex, Cash Indices or Commodities for an chance to win 1kg of Gold. The advancement will end on May 31, 2020 and the victor will be granted the prize in June

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How it functions:

Exchange any currency pairs, cash records or products with NBH Markets.

Clients will gain a coupon for each 20 lots exchanged.

Partners will gain a coupon for each 120 lots exchanged.

Winning number-last digit of the offer proclamations for EURUSD. GBPUSD, XAUUSD, and ZAGUSD at 11 pm EET, May 31.

The nearest number will be the champ and will be informed from NBHM group.

Terms and Conditions of NBHM 1kg gold bar giveaway challenge: General terms and condition apply.

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