FBS Copy Trade Version with Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

Why You Really Need An Updated FBS CopyTrade Version With Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

FBS Broker released an updated version of the CopyTrade app, and you’d absolutely love it if you are a social trading enthusiast looking for a safer copy-trading experience. The latest release is all about adding the Stop-Loss and Take-profit features known as the best risk management tools on Forex. Here’s why it’s great news.

2 steps to the radically better risk management

FBS CopyTrade is a social trading app where people copy pro trader’s performance.

On the one hand, it brings along better profit opportunities because you copy the best professionals in the community and profit whenever they do.

On the other hand, it still involves certain risk management concerns. The updated version of the app allows the users to place Stop-loss and Take-profit and safeguard their investments in a much, much better way:

Investments’ profitability.

Unarguably, SL and TP are crucial for effective profit\loss management. The Stop-loss feature allows you never to lose more money than you are ready to lose in accordance with your trading strategy. With the Take-profit option on, the app will automatically stop the process so you could get your profit exactly when the moment is right.

Graphically, these two options look like two little switchers in the app - all you need to do is decide whether or not you need any of them right now.

2. Applicable for both new and existing orders.

This feature is a revolution of your opportunities since it allows placing SL and TP anytime you find it necessary. These features give you a superpower of a timely control over your trades if the situation in the market requires action. The app displays a full track record of your actions so you could follow the progress and make smarter trading decisions. In other words, SL and TP are your safety bag that gives you a much more relaxed trading experience

Full automation on guard of your investments

For your convenience, the app sends push notifications every time the SL or TP features are triggered, letting you know that the investment was automatically closed. In overall, FBS CopyTrade liberates you from tracking your trades manually - no need to check on your app every now and then and worrying about losing too much or missing a good opportunity.

FBS CopyTrade users need to update the application to start using these features. The app is free and doesn’t imply any hidden fees - the only fee you have to pay is a fixed Trader commission of 5%. The updated version powers up your risk management and carefully watches the market movements, which is definitely a thing to delegate to the machine.

FBS is an international broker with more than 13 million clients from over 190 countries. The company is famous for a number of smart mobile trading tools allowing people to trade on the go and make money on Forex with any level of experience.

Besides, the broker offers several services that are highly appreciated by the global trading community, such as swap-free and VPS services, cashback up to $7 per lot, and more.

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