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Every month FBS Inc we carry out a charity event Dream Comes True

FBS To Bring A Good Air Conditioning To The Local Religious Community Through The Dreams Come True Contest


FBS Makes Your Dreams Come True is the FBS broker’s flagship charitable promo, and the August winner is a perfect example of how a will of one man can bring positive change to many people around. All you need to do is ask… but ask thoughtfully. This is exactly what Mr. Dadang Suhaidi from Indonesia did - and this is what happened.


Mr. Suhaidi is a simple laborer and a part-time Forex trader. He lives with his beautiful wife and daughter in Cilegon city. As a good Muslim, he loves to go to the local mosque, doing prayers, and maintaining his faith.


This mosque is a meaningful place for the local religious community, but there was one thing that used to distract visitors from their spiritual work.


My dream was to get an air conditioner to give it away to the mosque because it is very hot there when we pray, - said Mr. Suhaidi to the FBS manager when he asked the winner about his gift choice.


Such motivation makes perfect sense in terms of the promo conditions - to win the Dreams Come True contest, one needs to ask for one thing of the material world that can make a big difference.


The wish by Mr. Dadang Suhaidi is an example of a truly meaningful dream since it makes an impact that is more than just money. With a brand new air conditioning system, the mosque of Cilegon is now even a nicer place to be for the local believers. The effect of this wish is literally in the air, and everybody knows that spiritual transformations is the key force that drives real life change.


Over the course of the Dreams Come True contest history, there were lots of winners and many beautiful wishes. FBS gave away special utilities for small business development, an anniversary trip, school supplies, a limb prosthesis, and even a cow. But there is one thing that all these wishes always have in common.


It’s not about the thing that people get as a gift but about the idea behind this thing.


The idea behind the August winner was truly beautiful - more comfortable spiritual environment for him and other mosque visitors - and this is what made him a winner.


FBS Dreams Come True contest is a regular promo held at the company’s official Facebook page. It’s open for everyone (even for the non-traders), and all you need to do is share the promo post and write your dream in the comments.


The idea of this contest reflects the philosophy of the company: it all starts with a dream. When you know where you’re going and have the ambition to go far, the universe will find a way to make it happen. And this is where the magic begins. 


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