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FBS Stars Highlights: A Memorable Weekend For Top Partners

FBS broker hosted its top-performing partners - the winners of the FBS Stars contest that was held earlier this year. 2 winners from each region were invited to come over to the broker’s hometown - St. Petersburg, Russia - and join the Team and other partners for a big celebration. Here’s a look into the 4 days of their adventures.  

What is FBS Stars contest all about?

The idea of the contest was to award twenty best partners from 10 regions of the company’s presence and invite them for a big celebration to the St. Petersburg headquarters. The participants were supposed to attract new clients to FBS and motivate the old ones, get points for their trading performance, and score the best results. 

The company paid for the round trip tickets and 5-star hotel accommodation and took full control over the guests’ comfort during the entire trip - in the finest tradition of Russian hospitality. 

Four days of Russian adventures 

In September, the Big Twenty came to Russia to meet their colleagues and FBS team in person. Many of them arrived with their families, so the atmosphere was cozy and warm, although the 4-day stay was jam-packed with adventures and activities. 

On their Day 1, the guests visited the company HQ for the welcoming and handshaking part. They met colleagues from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Vietnam, France, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, and Colombia, and had a networking time with FBS management, devs, and creatives. The guests had an office tour and got a chance to talk to those who’ve been creating FBS services and talking to them from the other side of the screen. 

The next day, the partners were invited to a fancy Gala Night featuring giveaways and awards. The Team also greeted the first Platinum members of the FBS loyalty program and awarded one of them with one of the Platinum status gifts, Rolex watch, right on stage.   

The rest of the festive weekend included sightseeing, a boat trip, and a lot of Forex talks. The idea of the promo was to get the winners to share plans and aspirations with like-minded people in a Forex-friendly environment and cheer them up for future endeavors. 

Partner promos as the win-win strategy

Such festive VIP weekends are great not only in terms of powering up the partners network but also in terms of loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. In bulk, these things help raise brand awareness and expand to the areas and demographics that may not be aware of the company’s services yet. On top of that, the FBS Stars contest erases the barrier between the broker and the clients, allowing them to have a live dialogue and discuss ideas in real-time. 

FBS is an international broker with over 190 countries of presence. It is famous for regular contests and promotions that are highly appreciated by the global trading community. Besides, the broker offers a number of special services to make trading easier and more beneficial, such as swap-free and VPS services, cashback up to $15, and more.

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